Steinway Celebrates the First Imagine Series Piano Sale

March 15, 2013

Launched in 2010 to commemorate Lennon’s 70th birthday, these elegant instruments define the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship and design.

Steinway’s Grand Pianos

Every Steinway grand piano is built with the utmost care and precision. Crafted entirely by hand from start to finish, each piano takes close to a year to build. That may be a long time for a customer to wait, but patience pays off in the long run. Steinway’s precise construction process, uncompromising use of the very best materials and unrivalled expertise, makes it the only piano brand in the world to appreciate in value. An investment in the current economic climate is a rare one indeed if it not only appreciates, but also provides a lifetime of entertainment and pleasure.

The Imagine Series

While most people would be more than satisfied with a standard Steinway grand piano in their lounge room, the Imagine Series is designed for a more demanding clientele. This series caters for individuals who are not satisfied with the best. It is for those who desire the unique.
Inspired by the white Steinway grand piano given to Yoko Ono by John Lennon for her birthday in 1971, the pianos in this series are exquisite works of art. Each piano is adorned with Lennon’s personal drawings, lyrics, signature, “chop mark” (Asian seal) and the opening bars of one of his songs. Rich in symbolism, sound and style, it is fair to say that every piano in this series is a masterpiece in itself.
Piano enthusiasts with extravagant taste will also be pleased to know that the Imagine Series can be further customised. While Steinway assures that it can provide any customisation on standard models, ‘from Ferrari red finish right through to a diamond encrusted case’, the options are more restricted on limited editions. Nevertheless, if you want your signature on the other side of Lennon’s or a pianomation device, which plays the piano automatically, Steinway will, once again, rise to the occasion.

The Event

Although the event presented an opportunity for sponsors to showcase their products and services, there was no doubt that the purpose of the evening was to display the magnificence of this piano. Standing on a pedestal, with the ocean as a backdrop and the sun reflecting off its crisp white sheen, the crème de le crème of pianos certainly looked grand. Equally grand, was the performance by renowned jazz pianist Judy Bailey. The Beatles arrangement, which she composed many years ago, was the ideal choice for an event marking the union of two cherished names in the music industry: John Lennon and Steinway & Sons.
Steinway had much to celebrate at the event. Not only had the company sold a piano worth more than AUD 200,000 but March 2013 also marked 160 years of Steinway’s unparalleled leadership in the global grand piano market. Ara Vartoukian, director of Theme & Variations, which holds the exclusive local dealership rights for Steinway & Sons, enthusiastically informed the audience that 97% of concert halls worldwide house a Steinway piano. He went on to quote flattering Steinway testimonials, written by distinguished clients, from Thomas Edison to Vladimir Ashkenazy.
The owner of the showcased piano, May May, is one of Steinway’s most recent satisfied customers. May May, who currently studies in Sydney, and whose name is printed on the left side of the piano, attended the event with her parents. Understandably, she looks forward to taking her piano home.
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