March 19, 2017

Every year, the Geneva Motor Show is the first to reveal a selection of the newest cars from the world’s top automakers. Car collectors, enthusiasts and international media (including Luxuria Lifestyle) are typically present to witness of the one of the most anticipated events in the car event calendar.

Like any year, it is fair to say that expectations were high for the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. But when it came to the luxury line-up, the show certainly delivered. Among the most outstanding cars on display was Ghost Elegance by Rolls-Royce. Commissioned by a private buyer, Ghost Elegance has a paint job containing 1,000 real diamonds, which were ground up into the grey paint for a truly dazzling finish. Although ostentatious, and allegedly the most expensive paint job that Rolls-Royce has ever done, the results are typically Rolls-Royce – sparkling with elegance and class.

The other cars that stood out include Ferrari’s “fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet” – the 812 Superfast. For the car enthusiasts, the stats include a V12 engine delivering a power output of 800 CV at 8,500rpm, which is a first for Ferrari. And for those who simply want the next Ferrari, this means your new set of wheels, with exceptionally aggressive yet stylish curves, will travel from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds.

The other favourite marques also impressed their fan groups, with Porsche premiering their new 911 GT3 (which has an unprecedented lightweight construction and apparently exceptional handling), McLaren launching the gull-winged 720S (which, like the new Ferrari Superfast accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds), Lamborghini presenting the Hurican Performante (which is the most powerful V10 Lamborghini on the market and also accelerates from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds) and Pagani showcasing their new convertible Huayra Roadster.

While these traditional luxury cars certainly drew attention at the show, it was perhaps Airbus’s “Pop.Up” car that stole the limelight. The company demonstrated their willingness to pioneer the aviation industry, by releasing a two-person flying concept car that is fully autonomous. Perhaps it was this car that demonstrated the height of luxury car-making at the Geneva Motor Show, for what car could possibly compete with a vehicle that has wings?

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